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beru_bara_tales's Journal

Tales from Versailles Palace

Born with a Destiny of Roses
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Welcome! This is a fan fiction community for the anime series Berusaiyu no Bara (a.k.a. Lady Oscar, Rose of Versailles, beru bara). While there will be a theme contest every other week (which any member may choose, or not choose to participate in)any fan fiction for Beru Bara may be posted here.

General Rules

1. Let's all act like adults okay? Sure you can offer constructive criticism on a fic, however just plain rude remarks will not be tolerated. Also if you're an author don't flip out if someone has less than praise for you, if you post it on an open forum, its going to be open to criticism.

2. Fics depicting homosexual relationships are allowed, so if you absolutely can not abide that sort of thing, please don't join. And if you post such a fic, please give warning okay?

3. Fics depicting sex and violence are allowed as well, however I expect a rating to be clearly marked when such a fic is posted.

4. If the fic is more than 100 words long, please put it under an lj-cut.

Theme contest rules

1. Winners are decided by a comm vote that members may post anonymously.

2. Entries must be turned in by 12 pm on the day of the deadline, no exceptions.

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